car diagnostics 

Many garages offer basic level fault-finding but here at Karl Fisher Autos Ltd, we are the only garage locally using full dealer level equipment. We offer reliable car diagnostics for customers in Cannock and the surrounding areas. Talk to our team about your requirements. 
Engine remapping
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Full vehicle diagnostics 

Diagnostics refers to fault finding in vehicle electronic systems and components, including the engine, transmission, ABS and air bags. Our technicians have the training and experience required to have a good understanding of how these vehicle systems work. Having direct access through our diagnostic equipment to dealer technical support, makes us unrivalled in this field.
vehicle diagnostics

Investing in the future care of your vehicle

We continually invest in technician training and dealer-level equipment so that as vehicle management systems and software become more complex, we'll be at the forefront to diagnose and rectify problems to keep you on the road.

80% of genuine new parts fitted to vehicles today have to be programmed - and the good news is, we have the latest equipment so we can complete that repair.

car being repaired

Affordable solutions

As an independent garage, we offer modern technology together with old-fashioned values and charges that are a fraction of those charged by the majority of car dealerships. While you may believe your vehicle diagnostics need to be carried out at a main dealer, you could save money by taking advantage of our excellent diagnostics services and affordable pricing. All this without voiding your dealer warranty!
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For expert car diagnostics in the Cannock area,
call Karl Fisher Autos Ltd.

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