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Brake repairs and
wheel alignment 

Whether you are looking for brake repairs or wheel alignment, we can handle it all. Karl Fisher Autos Ltd offers quality car repairs in Cannock. Get in touch with us for free quotes and unbiased advice. 
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The benefits of 3D Wheel alignment technology

Everyone knows the importance of tracking to reduce tyre wear. We take that service one step further using the latest technology. 3D alignment is essential for premium brands of vehicles including Land Rover, Porsche and Mercedes.

All aspects of wheel movement are measured using the optical camera system. This service is usually only available at good quality body shops, but here at Karl Fisher Autos, you can take advantage of all the benefits of 3D alignment.

Our 3D Visual Aligner, in Cannock, allows our technicians to get a quick and accurate reading and make real time adjustments to give optimum handling and help reduce tyre wear.
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Brake disc skimming with a Pro Cut machine

  • Especially useful on high performance and premium brands
  • Stops brake pedal pulsation, juddering and squeaks 
  • Improves braking performance of your vehicle
  • Increases safety whilst driving
  • Saves money on your regular vehicle servicing
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Low cost alternative to new brakes

Brake disc skimming is a lower cost alternative to brake disc replacement. Machining discs delivers improved braking performance, eliminates brake vibration and excessive noise and removes rust and corrosion.
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From brake repairs to wheel alignment,
you can rely on us for complete vehicle maintenance
in Cannock. Call Karl Fisher Autos Ltd for details. 

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